Direct marketing meets real-time marketing

A marketer is only as smart as his data. Traditionally, direct marketers would create and execute a campaign, wait for results…wait some more…and finally garner results months later, long after the campaign and often the subsequent campaign had been completed….often wasting months on potentially ineffective campaigns simply because the data was not available at the time.

That model is no longer acceptable today for a variety of reasons.  First, the Web has revolutionized the speed of information and secondly, consumers have more choices of communication channels than ever. In a hyper-fragmented world, its not uncommon for a marketer to wonder, Where’s My Marketing?

Today, we at Wilen New York, answer that question with the launch of our new proprietary tool, Where’s My Marketing at DMA 2013.  This continues our commitment for creating best-in-class tools that provide actionable insights for our clients.

Where’s My Marketing provides real-time, detailed results, for direct marketing campaigns across all communication channels.  The program allows marketers to immediately understand detailed demographics of their responders, as well as the preferred communication channel for that responder (mail, phone, email, social media, etc.) This immediate access to data will allow marketers to make informed decisions on the fly, in order to optimize their campaigns. For example, Where’s My Marketing can predict the next 100 responders of a campaign based on current results. Image


In addition to the ability to optimize campaigns as they happen, the detailed demographic data, along with the preferred communication channels, will ensure that marketers’ future campaigns become much more targeted.   With a fragmented culture with multiple communication channels available to consumers, it is vital for marketers to be able to garner detailed results in real-time so that each direct marketing campaign achieves the needed results.

 Where’s My Marketing  will revolutionize direct marketing with its real-time detailed analytics that will ensure that your current campaigns can be nimble and future campaigns will achieve higher levels of success. You’ll never have to wonder where your marketing is, because you will know immediately. 

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